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My name is Ashley and I'm a producer based in Los Angeles. My husband and I spend our free time hiking and traveling, and have spent the last 4 years paring down our belongings and simplifying our lifestyle to better afford more time off to do the things we love. Since then, we've traveled to  over 17 countries and 17 US states. 

Despite what social media suggests, you don't need to be a travel influencer or ditch your job for #vanlife to have more adventure. Travel is easier and cheaper than ever, making it more accessible for everyday working people.

Our travel style is light and nimble, prepared yet spontaneous, with a focus on day hikes, sightseeing, nature, photography and road trips. Here you'll find ideas on trip planning, destination inspiration, travel itineraries and advice for gear and services—all usually with a minimalist twist to make travel more efficient and rewarding.

All photography featured here is captured by me and is available for download at Shutterstock.


Hope to see you out there!

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